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  1. I must be missing something about the blur style. There is blur zoom in and blur zoom out but what if I want to just blur without zooming? The style has only 1 image so that must be the image that blurs. Maybe I don't understand what it means to blur an image but what I'm seeing is very different from what I expected from this new feature.
  2. Indeed they are, Lin. I was quite impressed last Monday by the new Apple Mac Pro. I'm sure anyone who does the kind of things we do will want one (needing one is a different matter...) A high-end professionally configured one with all the external peripherals will probably cost about $25,000 when they become available later this year. I read one review that compared it to the Cray I supercomputer from 1976. Back then it cost almost $9 Million and was 47,000 times slower than the new Mac Pro!
  3. In answer to these questions: I plan to shoot RAW stills and (eventually, but not just yet for $$ reasons) to record video via hdmi out to an external recorder. I don't yet know what software I'll use to process the RAW stills. I've always been a Photoshop person but Adobe's CC-subscription-only announcement recently scares me. All my "old" glass is Canon FD manual focus primes. So for now I've also bought a Nikon mount Samyang/Rokinon 85mm f1.4 manual focus portrait lens (most of my work is portrait) and the AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II lens (the third lens in what has become known as
  4. As many of you know I've never owned a digital camera. Since it's getting harder and harder to source - and especially to process - good quality slide film I finally bit the bullet and ordered a Nikon d800. It will arrive this week. If anyone is interested I'd be willing to post sample images and/or short video footage. Ray
  5. I think even MS now realize some of the mistakes they made with 8. Although there's no official date it's expected that 8.1 will launch later this year and it will (possibly - nothing confirmed yet by MS) look and feel a lot more like 7.
  6. Lin, Yes I set all the parameters correctly and the duration of the blank slide is longer than the two videos combined. At this point I think there is a problem with my computer (Windows PC). I was able to get my scenario working tonight when I created a new project again from scratch and added the videos per my original steps. Then I went back to my original project where I first "discovered" this "bug," deleted the blank slide containing the videos and re-built that slide. I then started having all kinds of problems. PTE is now crashing on me when I try to work with that project (which has _
  7. I can recreate this easily but it's so obvious I wonder if it may be my PC (I recently changed to a new graphics card). Please help to verify if this is a real bug. Using either PTE 707 or 756 (I've tested this on WIndows XP x64 and Windows 7 x64 only, and I installed all the latest Microsoft critical Windows updates tonight to rule out any out of date OS software. I also ran a full virus scan), create a new project and add a new blank slide. Go into Objects and Animation and add 2 videos to that blank slide where one video runs for its original length (say, a few seconds) then the second vide
  8. Your 9 image show with 5616x3744 images produces a 60MB .exe file. You don't say how big the audio track file is, but for a 4-minute audio track this means that each image file must be around 6MB. That's a very small file size for a 5616x3744 image! Are they JPEG files? If so did you save them at low quality? You say that the rules of the competition require 1024x768 (4:3) and that the projector used will be capable of e.g. 1920x1080 (16:9). The first important question is what display setting will the projector actually have when they screen your show for competition? The competition organize
  9. "So now I know that if I am to mix video and stills in a PTE sequence I should match the formats of both, rather than the pixels. In this case I should crop my stills to 1920 by 1080 to match the video of 1440 by 1080? (At least if I am to avoid black bars at the edges or missing bits of images.)" If you have a good video editor you could re-render the original video with square pixels if that's what you want. Otherwise yes your stills should match the aspect ratio (16:9) of the video. 1920x1080 is one example of 16:9. "Are there other common video formats with non-square pixels?!" Yes. For ex
  10. "how can 1440 x 1080 be wide screen? Unless the pixels are not square the aspect ratio should be 4:3?" This is exactly the explanation. The pixels are not square. In fact recording 16:9 HD format at 1440x1080 with a pixel aspect ratio of 1.3333 is quite common and is considered one of the HD standards. Any good player will display the video correctly at 16:9.
  11. "I mean i can have the program create an .iso file and use imageburn to create the disk" - I don't think PTE supports this if you want to burn the .iso to Blu-ray disk in HD (as opposed to DVD) format. If it does then I'm missing something and I'd like to learn how you do it. The sad news, in my opinion, about HD video trends is that the average consumer (at least in the western world) has been fooled into believing that Blu-ray quality video is now available, streaming, online, on-demand and in real-time, over the Internet via services such as NetFlix, iTunes, YouTube etc. It isn't! Not unles
  12. I also use 64-bit Windows but I only installed the 32-bit x264vfw. I've found in the past that PTE doesn't play too well with 64-bit software (except for MS WIndows itself). There's no harm in trying the 64-bit x264vfw and if it doesn't work well for you replace it with the 32-bit version. In general the 64-bit version should give faster render times for large/complex videos.
  13. I just searched my PTE install directory for all files containing the phrases: "WnLib" "Win32" "wpTypes.pas" and "*.pas" - in each case no files were found. Curiouser and Curiouser...
  14. I'm still concerned about the original error message in this thread referring to "D:\Wnsoft\PicturesToExe\PTE\WnLib\Win32" when Jose does not have PTE installed to his D: drive. This is extremely bizzare and could possibly indicate a problem with Windows itself in addition to (or instead of) a problem with PTE. I also have PTE installed to my C: drive and I have no directory called C:\Wnsoft. Jose, can you open Windows Explorer, navigate to D:\Wnsoft\PicturesToExe\PTE\WnLib and tell us what files and folders are in there? Also, with only one instance of PTE running on your PC and open with you
  15. I can't say for sure whether this is related to the 32-bit/out of memory problem you've had before - we'll have to wait for Igor to return. But line 562 does not mean line 562 in your project (.pte) file. It is a line in the code of the PTE program (or one its the modules) that hasn't been coded to handle some error condition you've encountered. Igor will probably want a copy of your project so please back it up for him as soon as you can so he has the best chance of recreating - and fixing - this. Do you have PTE 7.0.7 installed to your "D" drive?
  16. Here's another reason for a 64-bit PTE (and an example of the trend for PTE's competition). I use Sony Vegas Pro version 10 for all my final video editing/rendering/authoring to DVD and Blu-ray. Sony just released version 12 and I would like to upgrade. However (from Sony's web site): "64-bit operating systems are the best choice for high-end performance. By focusing exclusively on 64-bit operating systems, Vegas Pro 12 overcomes many of the limitations of legacy 32-bit software/hardware architecture, enabling users to enjoy superior performance and improved stability for memory-intensive proj
  17. Both slides already have a quick transition. I can't imagine that it is supposed to work this way. I can imagine including the transition (in this case a quick transition), but if you follow my instructions you'll see that it never reaches slide 2 without clicking on the link. Surely that's not intentional when I just asked it to start from slide 2?
  18. In the attached project select slide 2, right click then Start Preview From This Slide. Instead it starts the preview from slide 1. bug demo
  19. After installing version 7.5 on Windows 8 I have (as expected) a new app (PicturesToExe 7.5) pinned to my Windows 8 start tiles. Because the start tiles are new in Windows 8 the installer must be aware of the version of Windows it is installing to, I would think. But during the installation I see the option not to create a start menu item. This may confuse some users because in Windows 8 there is no start menu any more (OK there are some 3rd-party tools out there to add an "old-style" start menu but the installer shouldn't rely on the user having one of these installed). Wouldn't it be better
  20. I should have tested this sooner - sorry. After installing on Windows 8 I have (as expected) a new app (PicturesToExe 7.5) pinned to my Windows 8 start tiles. Because the start tiles are new in Windows 8 the installer must be aware of the version of Windows it is installing to, I would think. But during the installation I see the option not to create a start menu item. This may confuse some users because in Windows 8 there is no start menu any more (OK there are some 3rd-party tools out there to add an "old-style" start menu but the installer shouldn't rely on the user having one of these inst
  21. Congratulations! PTE just keeps getting better and better.
  22. I voted yes. I actually suggested exactly the same thing in this forum some time back. Not that this would be at the top of my wish list for future PTE additions - that would be the 64-bit version.
  23. Confirmation that there will be a 64-bit version of PTE in the future is music to my ears - I have been asking for this for a long time! PTE is the only component of my workflow that is not native 64-bit. And since 7.5 will support ultra HD (4k) it really needs a 64-bit implementation for any serious project. However... Jose, I don't think your problems are because of PTE 32-bit limitations. Of course I can't be sure but I say this because I have very large PTE projects of my own (many more than 38 slides, some of them larger than 5616x3159 and 3MB and some with complex animations). I have a d
  24. Unfortunately this is not a straightforward process (not with any version of PTE so far, including 7.5). You need Blu-ray authoring/burning software in addition to PTE. (I use Sony Vegas Pro but it is quite expensive and there are cheaper alternatives.) So your next step is to research this software (there are dozens of applications out there and hundreds of reviews of them on the Internet). Once you have decided on which Blu-ray authoring/burning software you want to use we will be better able to help you.
  25. I think there are 2 ways to do that - depending on how you've got it set up inside your page: 1) With tags, something like: <flvplayer loop="true">myFlashVideo.flv</flvplayer>. 2) With embedded JavaScript, something like: . . . on (complete){ this.autoRewind=true; this.play(); } . . .
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