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  1. You should update to 7.5.10 (It's free) Regards, Xaver
  2. That's a good choice, the correct way to reduce shimmering! Regards, Xaver
  3. The dpi value is by no means important here. It is just a kind of meta-data that is sometimes used by printers. Monitors and and projectors do not care for dpi (see here) Regards, Xaver
  4. Please take my post as it is, and do not interpret additional information into it. Regards, Xaver
  5. Ctrl + F11 and Ctrl + F12 Regards, Xaver
  6. I don't think that this is correct. In the linear situation (IMO) PTE always behaves as if all keypoints were separated, even if some of them are glued. So, I also do not understand the present default settings. On the other hand we might not expect too much. As Igor has pointed out here, the O&A interface will be changed, in particular the rather outdated concept of speed options. Regards, Xaver
  7. Hi Paul, I would not regard your proposals as basic. Anyway, it is some time ago (see here) that I made a suggestion about speaker support. Let's hope that a feature of that kind will be implemented, sooner or later. A remark on color management: At present time you must work out you color management yourself. Open a PTE project, export (copy) it to a new folder. Use XnView (or some other software) for a batch conversion in order to change the color profile of the copied images appropriately (without changing the image names). You obtain an additional version of your project that delivers an executable with a predefined color profile. Again, it would be fine to have a support within the PTE software. Regards, Xaver
  8. + 1 This is really a very good suggestion! Regards, Xaver
  9. A simple workaround, maybe not what you want to do: Put copies (not your "originals") of the images that you want to show into a single folder. This is good anyway: If you place the project file of your show into the same folder, PTE will always find the images at later times, even if you have moved the originals. Open this folder in some freeware like XnView (French image viewer), and perform an appropriate batch renaming, e.g. adding running numbers at the beginning of the image names. As sorting criteria choose "Exif Date". The renamed images can easily be placed into PTE showing the order that you want to see. Regards, Xaver
  10. Hi Daniel, The number of people who attend that kind of AV festivals is rather small. Let me guess that there are in Germany about 500 (including a handful of PTE users), in UK and France perhaps somewhat more. So this group cannot represent the overall market situation. Best regards, Xaver
  11. This does not look good, sorry. Did you choose the option "Auto recovery"? Autosave is not a good function (IMO) as it overwrites the same project file again and again. I would prefer my own new versions (any few (30) minutes) while keeping the old ones. Regards, Xaver
  12. Thanks, Lin! This is really an impressive effect! Best regards, Xaver
  13. This is my view of this YouTube video: Regards, Xaver
  14. Thas topic had been posted to the forum section with the name "Forum". There, general questions on the forum itself can be discussed, e.g. introduction of a new moderator, are the present forum rules helpful or not etc. This topic here refers to the PTE program itself. Therefore I moved it to the sub-forum "PicturesToExe", the place where it is located now. This is a very normal procedure. This is obvious the see, the forum section "PicturesToExe" Regards, Xaver
  15. I have moved this topic. Regards, Xaver
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