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Panning with perspective correction

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I thought of this idea when I was in a train yesterday and today. An experiment to try to make realistic panning. This is rough demo just to show the idea:


I used 3D transformation of two parts of picture between a line of horizon. If you have long panoramic images you can avoid these black strips on left and right sides. Also you can use more slow speed to show more delicate 3D effect. This effect can works great for certain types of landscapes.

Probably you could create more impressive application for this idea.

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Very interesting effect Igor!

When we have "blur" capability with PTE, perhaps it would be possible to define an area to blur slightly such as the slight line where the top and bottom of the 3D transforms join together in the clouds. This could add more realism to the effect?

Best regards,


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You have used the same image twice?

Where have the top of one and the bottom of the other gone?



I included source project file with images. You can explore how it works. I used two image objects with same JPEG image and adjusted canvas size. Then I applied different 3D transformations. Both parts don't overlap. Better to see in live in O&A editor.

Is this a 7.5 thing, didn't see much difference using 7.07 :unsure:/>/>/>/>/> :blink:/>/>/>/>/>



Not a new feature of PicturesToExe. Just a new idea. You can do it even in 6.0.

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I really love this panning effect. I'd use it in my projects but there is a little issue with this approach. By rotating the two images on the X axis you get an exagerated perspective effect. It would be nice being able to apply some kind of "counter perspective correction" to the texture so that the 3D image will appear as the flat image. A kind of "front projection" that you may find in many 3D modelers.

Just to say...

Greetings! Umberto

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I really like the effect very much and can see where it would suit in some of my landscapes.

On a train journey, out and about anywhere, inspiration comes to us, thank you Igor for the idea.



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All the time doing presentations with PTE, I have had a special interest in adding dynamic movements in a show.

So I'm glad to comment on this.

There is a lot of dynamic effects that can be made with still images, which ends up with "video-like" effects.

A lot can be done by using pan, zoom, rotate and 3D-effects.

I have also used stop-motion, timelapse and slow-motion to achieve dynamic movements, and recently I have started to use morph- and warp-effects as well (made with other software). And all this with a use of just still images. This way a much better image quality can be achieved compared to video, with a use of only budget equipment.

Please watch one demo sample from two years back, where I used the same effect Igor is talking about here.

When this scene is showed for 3..4 seconds in a presentation, nobody can tell it's not a video:


One other sample from two years back can be seen here:

https://vimeo.com/32485966 , look at the scene at 4:32, nobody did realize that this was done with a use of just one single image (the violin players arms are animated with PTE)

This effect works remarkable well, when the foreground don't have higher objects like stones, bushes and trees.



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Both your posts work remarkably well! Did you use a PNG image for the front snow layer in first example?

I really loved also the balloon one, great cinematographic effect. and really loved also the music! Is it original?

Regards, Umberto

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Thank you Dave, Umberto and Robert.

Yes, PNG-files are used in both samples, with the upper edge of the tilted foreground image feathered.

The balloon show is made with a use of still images only (stop-motion, timelapse and 3D-animation made with PTE).

The music is not played by me, but I do operate both the balloon and the violin..., :-)


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Thank you Dick and Igor.

And thank you Igor for showing the demo with your technique.

Looks good.

Did you use PNG-files as well?

What I forgot to tell, and what can be seen in my balloon show (scene at 4:32), is that I try to fix the edge line between the two pictures.

This way there is no movement sideways along the edge, and the perspective correction looks natural.

(as the pedantic person I sometimes think I am, I noticed some side-way movement in your middle sample... :-)

Thanks Igor

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This technique is really interesting, so i tried to apply it to some shots that are part of a bigger documentary about a cave in north Italy.

Just to see how it behaves in tight environments.

You may notice that not all pans are pixel perfect, i'm trying to adjust them but it's difficult to handle non planar surfaces.

Abyss Perspective Demo

Greetings! Umberto

P.S. The EXE file is about 70 Mb because of pictures size. The project is designed to be rendered to a final MP4 file, so i did not optimize the pictures. Sorry if it's not super smooth on older machines.

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Sorry for the delay.

I built a simple PTE project to illustrate all three types of fake 3d effects used in the video.

Feel free to use this project for personal use, please don't use in any other way the included images (even if they were downsized). They are copyrighted and not all are shooted by myself.

Fake 3D how to

Thanks for watching!


Edit: Well, there is a fourth effect used in the video, but this involves the usage of a video rendered out of the PTE application. Those videos were rendered with a 3D modeler, and they involve a deformated 3D plane on which the picture is front projected. Since it's not PTE related, i didn't include them in the project.

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