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Free PTE AV Studio Template - Photo Slideshow ID 15102021

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The project was made in PTE AV Studio 10. Just a slideshow with a slight grunge bias. 38 placeholder template. Editing is regular. Instead of a photo in a letterhead template with an aspect ratio of 9X16,  respectively, when using your photos, you will need to edit size-position excluding photos with vignettes, but there are not many of them. 

To download the project, go to the YouTube channel and under the video there is a download link.
Good health and creative success to everyone!


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Bad Dancer, A very nice, soft and warm design. Thanks! :)

P.S. Since this is not YouTube, there is no link to download the project. Next time, or give the link separately or write that need to go to YouTube and download the project there. I think it will be more understandable for everyone. Thanks!

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6 hours ago, Bad Dancer said:

The point is that I tried to attach a link to a post, but I was told that a link that does not contain a video is not attached

The link is inserted with the usual Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V. Better to put it in front of the video for everyone to see. Or you can write: "To download the project, go to the YouTube channel and under the video there is a download link"

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Many many thanks. That is great. I have had a project I wanted to do for weeks trying to find the right idea, and your Template just may be the perfect match.

No doubt quite simple when you know how, but I certainly would also appreciate some advice on Template usage. If, for example I wanted to put together my own Intro and Outro, but utilise this Template in the middle. Is that possible? But then how?


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Xenofex2, Thanks for the flattering comment! 
There is a very simple solution to your question. Open my template in the program and add the required number of blank slides, they will be created behind my template, then drag the left mouse button as long as you need in front of the template, and the rest will remain behind the template. Just in case, save the template under a new name and continue editing until completion. 
If you have any questions, ask, if I know how to solve the problem, I will definitely inform you.

P.S. The soundtrack will need to be moved in timeline mode to the beginning of the first slide.

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33 minutes ago, Bad Dancer said:

AleAle5025 Add opacity. But, if the shadow is too contrasting, it distracts the viewer's attention, and sometimes annoys. You can apply a different shadow, there are png-files of shadows in the Internet freely available.

I agree that transparency should be added to the shadow on the photo.
I didn't see the shadow from the window on the slide. Looking into the resource folder, I realized you have a shadow. Here we need to look for an acceptable solution.

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