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  1. PicturesToExe v4.00 beta #4 is released http://www.wnsoft.com/apr/apr_beta.zip (1.25 Mb) What's new in beta #4: * Fixed bug of v4.00 beta when after auto hide of mouse cursor in synchronized presentation it didn't appear on mouse move. * Fixed bug of v4.00 beta when current changes on time-line didn't appear in the Preview from a some slide. To see changes, it was necessary to click "OK" button, opening of "Customize synchronization" window again, and then start Preview from some slide. The bug is fixed now. + You can adjust zoom of the t
  2. To Carol Steele Please could you describe me step by step, how to reproduce this situation. I have checked it, and once deleted "Comment" field for a some slide will not appear more. May be you have selected "Set comments for all slides as:" options (Project options | "Comment" tab)?
  3. Nice idea. I think it will not be difficult. Thank you,
  4. Many thanks, Harold! Really, I can't believe that I have missed such obvious moment! And we all have noticed only in four days I shall fix the bug tomorrow.
  5. To mandarinfish I'm sorry, - it was really a bug of v4.00 beta, when after auto hide of the mouse cursor in a synchronized presentation it didn't appear on mouse move. Of course, the cursor is not required now, but in the future versions we plan to add the usual functionality and in the synchronized mode. p.s. I have fixed this bug right now.
  6. Igor

    An odd issue

    I have found reason of this interesting problem and could reproduce it under my Windows XP and Windows 98. I don't know, how it happened, but the "opt_bname" field has value = "-1" (opt_bname=-1) But it should be between 0 (black) and 16777215 (white). Just open Screen tab and select the black color again. I think it's a very rare case and bug of the default control of Windows which has returned the incorrect value. If it will happen again, I can add protection to prevent such situation. As programmer, I also think that Windows NT/2000/XP much stable than previous ones from Microsoft. But some
  7. I have checked many many times under different computers, with Windows XP and Windows 98, with a lot of different presentations and all of them work without any mistake.
  8. To gwhite 1) I fixed strange bug, when sometime Ctrl+R didn't work. This is problem of slide list component and we have found a way how to solve it. To HvK Please describe, where I can see that problem with fonts (PicturesToExe or produced presentation, objects, text comment...), what version of PTE and version of Windows. If it possible, please send me screenshot! Thanks.
  9. I just uploaded improved PicturesToExe v4.00 beta #3 http://www.wnsoft.com/apr/apr_beta.zip (1.25 Mb) What's new in beta #3: * Fixed several minor bugs + Improved starting of preview from necessary slide. It shortly shows a previous slide and then starts effect to show necessary slide. + Added numbering of slides in the slide list (main window) What's in PicturesToExe v4.00 ----------------------------------------------- * Fixed the old bug when presentation run in the synchronization mode. The music started a little earlier, if first slide contains very large JPEG picture.
  10. To Dana I just added (as option) feature which show slide number in the slide list. For example: 1. C:\art\forest1.jpg 57 KB 2. C:\art\winter4.jpg 47 KB 3. C:\art\forest3.jpg 77 KB
  11. Just I fixed the bug, but I didn't publish the new beta yet
  12. To Ken Cox You can find topic about beta #1 on the second or third page of the forum. We never delete topics, to the exclusion of very much rare cases. To HaroldB I think it can be available if no transition point is selected? So if some point is selected, the preview will be started from that slide, otherwise the presentation starts from begining. To Danabw "slide numbers" I'm searching for the way how easily to do this feature. To guru I fixed that small bug with zoom feature. Thanks.
  13. Sorry, I didn't updated the caption of the main window to "...beta #2". Will upload corrected build in several minutes right now. There is an one little difficulty with this feature. If it will be allowed to change duration of an effect directly on the time-line, then that slide automatically becomes as Personalized. Or other way - apply change to common effect duration (for all slides). Thanks, I'll check it.
  14. PicturesToExe v4.00 beta #2 is released http://www.wnsoft.com/apr/apr_beta.zip (1,25 Mb) Now you can start preview from any necessary slide. What's new in beta #2 since beta #1 released: * Fixed the old bug when presentation run in the synchronization mode. The music started a little earlier, if first slide contains very large JPEG picture. However all other slides are shown *exactly* at specified time. Now the first slide also will be shown exactly with begining of music. * Fixed several bugs + Improvements in the Visual Editor of objects
  15. I think that we will able to make possible usage of objects in the synch. mode in the nearest next versions. I also very want to see this capability. p.s. don't worry, please, that synchronization can be corrupted. Because PicturesToExe synchronizes show of slides, following by the position of the music player. E.g. if third slide should be shown at 47645 ms. and player reported that current position of playing is 47645 ms. then the slide will be shown immediately.
  16. Maybe we'll try to add support of transparent GIFs and for main picture of slide.
  17. About icons: "Details: Invalide icon file, Number of images must be 1." This message informs that included .ico file contains more than 1 sub-image. The ICON format allows to create an .ico file with 16x16 and 32x32 icon images in the one .ico file. Please separate such icons as two files, - for 32x32 and for 16x16. PTE supports Icon images with 16 or 256 depth of color. We're working on the next beta. Please wait a little. Now it's beginning of the year and we have much of usual office work. Preview already works from necessary slide. Also we're working on the much improved mp3 player. We ho
  18. I'm very interested! We will complete tests to see how it works and its speed. If all OK, it can be added even in the next version (4.10).
  19. Dear Kim, I was wondered that the compilation takes so a long time (3 minutes) on your computer! Couldn't you let us know a little bit about configuration of your PC and size presentation, please? PC: CPU, memory, hard drive, version of Windows Presentation: size of the produced .exe file, a number and size of music files; a number of slides. Thank you,
  20. Adding of thumbnail view is a subject of the next versions. We're developing new technologies for our current and future products and it will be used for creating of thumbnail view of image list and file panel (by option).
  21. We'll add help system about "Customize synchronization" window in the next betas of v4.00
  22. Dear Granot, Please try again with version 4.00 on different presentations and then with v3.80. I must to say that we didn't change anything in the "Preview" feature in v4.00. p.s. also please check your Temp folder. Maybe PicturesToExe can't create temporary p2e_prev.exe file. If it still there, please delete this file and try again with PTE.
  23. I just checked with my newly created images and I was not able to call that problem. The bug appears only under v3.80 on my system.
  24. Granot, please send me to igor@wnsoft.com example of a presentation which causes that problem. Many thanks!
  25. This problem is fixed in the newest v4.00 beta #1 I highly recommend to use this version, because it's very stable and has *much* improved Visual Editor with Undo, Copy/Paste features.
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