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  1. Hi I need an image to drop down from the top of the screen to the bottom, and have a bouncing effect just like a ball, before it comes to rest. It can be a transition or a style. My attempts so far have not looked very smooth or natural like a ball, and one I found offered previously seemed to have a similar problem. Any offering will be gratefully received if you fancy a little project. Many thanks. Regards wideangle
  2. Here are a couple of ideas for a camera shutter transition. The Version 2 will work with any AR. The original Version is for 16:9 only. Shutter speed is variable and 1 second or less is about right. 16:9 Demo (Safe Executable): Camera Shutter.zip Camera Shutter 16 by 9.zip Camera Shutter 16 by 9 v2.zip Camera Shutter 16 by 9 v3.zip
  3. This transition effect shows a power of dynamic color filters in PTE AV Studio: Pasteurized Colors.pteeff Pasteurized Colors.pteeff
  4. I just created the diaporashop.com website on which we find styles and transitions to download for PicturesToExe. The website is composed of a blog written in French and a shop. It includes articles about styles and transitions to download as well as tutorials of creations of its own animations. Styles and transitions are structured with objects named in English for ease of understanding. I hope these styles and transitions will please you. Yours sincerely.
  5. In PTE9 I created an AV which used Morasoft's excellent Transitions #82 (3 'doors') and #91 (heart) along with standard transitions. The preview ran fine but when I ran it as exe it failed with Exception 00088F73. WnSoft response was that this was due to the transition using a video mask (?) which isn't supported in PTE9 - the workaround being to include an invisible video. So whilst wating for a response I rebuilt my Av (exactly the same transitions) using PTE8 and the exe output ran OK and the all transitions take place full frame (1600x1200) So having had the workaround I applied the 'invisible video' to my PTE9 version and now the exe runs OK. However the Morasoft transitions completes in the centre of the frame then expands out which is irritating -this doesn't happen in PTE8. So why doesn't the transition take place full frame - is there something else I need to tick / set ?
  6. I've designed a slideshow and when playing it those images which I have added animation to (zooming in/out for example) are appearing wider than those which do not even though all images are of the exact same dimensions. Is this normal or do I need to alter something? Image attached.
  7. For full screen images: Dissolve with Blur.pteeff DG
  8. Help: I seem to have mislaid the transition lines which appear when in Timeline view. Does anyone know how to switch them back on again?
  9. Hello all, I've been trying to make a custom transition for the last few hours that looks like this example transition: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M42dv_LOEYo&t=1m17s I'm purely interested in the dissolving transition that shows just a part of the next image and gradually dissolves the rest of the image. I think it's a great way to draw the eye of the audience to a specific part of the photo. There's no standard transition for this. I've looked into tutorials and forum posts, but they don't help me enough to replicate this. There's a bit of info on masking within a slide, but combining it with transitions is a whole different thing. As the effect is seen in a few demonstration videos, I hope there's some explanation available that I missed, or that somebody knows how to do this.
  10. This transition shows an animation of 4 parts of a slide in 3D space. Zoom Out 3D.ptef
  11. Revolver Custom Transition. Has "Use Backgound From Slide" and "Transparent BG of Slide" enabled. Use sparingly. RevolverDG.ptef DG
  12. A series of Custom Transitions based on the work of Jean-Pierre Dollangere. All are built at a 16:9 Aspect Ratio. The Custom Transitions: J-PD01-03a.zip J-PD04-13.zip J-PD16-37.zip Updated Demo J-PD01-53: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/70942558/J-PD.zip DG
  13. Hello all: THIS IS A "SLIDE TRANSITIONS PACK", I have made a pack with 49 "Slide Transitions". This is the link to download the executable file. Download link I will send by Personal Message o email a link to download 162 different slide transitions which you will can use in your projects. (PTE version 8 or higher) morasoft2@yahoo.es morasoft
  14. Hello all: Here my 162 slide transitions.... http://www.mediafire.com/download/8yu4d98ehcywc9m/133_Slide_transitions_in_4_packs.zip http://www.mediafire.com/download/c6px0vxldq3q5kc/Slide_transitions_29_final_Part_5.zip If somebody have any problem working with the transitions, please send me an email to: morasoft2@yahoo.es Best regards Morasoft.
  15. A series of 1920x1080 (16:9) Custom Transitions (CT's) which can be used as presented or as the basis of your own CT's. Simply Load any of the CT's and edit in the CT Editor. The Default PTE CT animation can be changed to your own without having to construct the basic splitting of Slide 1 and Slide 2 into 2, 4, 16 or 64 sections. Blocks Demo.zip Blocks_twovertical.ptef Blocks_twohorizontal.ptef Blocks_Four.ptef Blocks_Sixteen.ptef Blocks_Sixtyfour.ptef DG
  16. A couple of Blinds Transitions - opening and closing and a Demo: Blinds Horizontal Closing.zip Blinds Horizontal Opening.zip Blinds.zip DG
  17. This Custom Transition "assembles" a 16:9 image from 100 Slices or Tiles. Works with Video Clips or Still Images. DaveGee 100 Slices.ptef DG
  18. Just simple set of 16 transitions that zoom in (0->100) and out (100->0) from top, bottom, left, right + 4 corners of the screen. Testing sharing video content in zip file. You should see the unlisted youtube video when you open the .html file. directional_zoom.zip Tom
  19. Three reflection transitions. https://dl.dropboxus...reflections.zip Tom
  20. Five transitions, Double vision: Horizontal Vertical Diagonal right Diagonal left Fade to white Terry Preview: http://www.mediafire...transitions.exe Double Vision.zip
  21. Misty. A cloud passes over Slide 1 in both directions to reveal Slide 2. Built for a 1920x1080 project - it might need a little tweaking for a different sized project and/or different subject matter. DaveGee6.zip DG
  22. Not sure if someone has already created a custom transition like this one (DaveGee?). It's like Swap 3D but with a twist. Depth shading on slide and reflection (I hope). Tom 16:9 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1946048/pte/Tom1Tom2.zip
  23. Custom Transition Effect - the result of a "challenge". CLONES.zip EXE File Demo Included. DG P.S. Shadow effects will only show when constructed in V7.5.4
  24. Made in Version 7.5.5 at 1920x1080: Double Flip 3D.zip DG
  25. DaveGee 10. Modify or try and then delete. DG XY SLIDE.zip
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