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Lately, I have seen bolded Forum topics that indicate there are unread sub-topics, but when inspected, there are no unread sub-topics. For example, today, the 'General Discussion' and the 'Suggestions for Next Versions' are bolded but no unread sub-topics are indicated.

Is this a Forum software bug? This has been happening many time.


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33 minutes ago, Igor said:

Please help me write a brief exact description of this problem. I'll submit a bug-report to Invision.

Greetings Igor,

I use Firefox.

After all the forum sub-folder postings have been opened and read, some of the primary forum subject folders remain bolded as if there are sub-folders postings that have not yet been read, even though they have all been read.


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Reply from Invision forum support:


Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to replicate this in any way. If there is only 1 unread item in a forum and I move it elsewhere, that first forum is no longer showing as having unread items. Have you tested this on a default unaltered theme, with all 3rd party items disabled?

Kind Regards,
Marc Stridgen”

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