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I feared that was the case. 

I accept that the requirements for using PTE AV Studio 10 is a 64-bit processor. Limited backward compatibility of applications  with hardware and operating systems is nothing new and those still using 32-bit systems can use PTE 9. However the need for the person viewing the AV to also have a 64-bit system seems to go against the original philosophy of PTE that the exe file could be played by others without needing to purchase or install any application on their computer. 

In particular it presents a problem to the AV Group I belong to which has a 32-bit laptop which we use to show our AVs. We have recently recruited a new member and he has purchased PTE AV Studio10 and produced an AV that we now find we can't show at the Group. Yes I know we should upgrade our laptop, but who is going to pay? Or he could publish his AV as an mp4 video but that reduces quality.

I don't expect much sympathy but at least I have had a grumble. Anyone care to send a donation towards a new laptop?

Andrew Chadwick

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It has been suggested that "you/he" could use the new facilities afforded by Version 10 to make an MP4. That mp4 could then be inserted directly into a Version 9 project (after converting) and then a 32 bit EXE can be made which is compatible with your equipment. Obviously, you would lose any "manual operations" but for a "normal" show it might work.

A bit messy perhaps (or not) but it would give you time to update your equipment and give you a little breathing space?

The mp4 is the equal of an exe in these circumstances. Anyone who says any different should take it up with Barry. :)

Give it a try?



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HI Cedric,

Dave's suggestion would work I think...  Also, look into purchasing a used laptop. Here in the USA there are multiple laptops with 64 bit Win 7, Win 8 and even Win 10 operating systems, 4 gigabytes of RAM and reasonably fast Intel processors for $100 to $160.  I'm certain the prices are not all that different in the UK.  How many are in your club? I would think it would be reasonable to take up a collection and get a decent 64 bit laptop for a very small amount per person? 

I have bought laptops and desktops for friends and relatives in the last few months. I got a beautiful HP Desktop with 8 Gig RAM and a Win 7 Pro for $100.  I gave it to a friend to replace her old XP.  I bought a really nice Dell laptop with 8 gig RAM and Win 10 64 bit for $140 for a relative...   Good deals are out there - look around and let your fingers do the walking...

Best regards,


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Thanks Lin and Dave for the suggestions and for not telling me I am an old stick-in-the-mud (Probably using that outdated phrase confirms that I am!).

Yes we'll probably end up looking into upgrading the laptop. We have 11 members so we could raise a bit if everyone chips in or we could put up the annual subscription. There are good-looking deals in the UK, on ebay for instance, but there's always the worry that it's been put on ebay because it has some nasty intermittent fault.

I have done something similar to what Dave suggests (embedding an mp4 in an exe file) in order to launch it easily from a menu on someone else's laptop which may not have had the required player for the mp4. It worked and there didn't seem to be noticeable quality loss, although I didn't do a scientific comparision.


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3 hours ago, Cedric Dawnhawk said:

could publish his AV as an mp4 video but that reduces quality.

Andrew, there is no loss of quality publishing as an MP4.

You have been to Leeds & seen many sequences on that big screen.
I doubt if you could tell if they were exe or MP4.

If your club's laptop is old  I suspect that it may have trouble playing some sequences even if made with PTE9.

I think that Igor has said that you can take a PTE 10  .pte file & still open it in PTE9 as long as it doesn't use any of the new slide styles.
So your club member could make a PTE9 exe to play at the club.

See you at Leeds in April


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Cedric, I am surprised to hear you say 'which may not have had the required player for the mp4'  A VLC player can be downloaded and it is totally free.

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Thanks for further responses.

Jill, your suggestion about PTE 9 did occur to me. I know you can download it from the "old versions" on wnsoft.com but I wonder if the licence for version 10 would cover it? I'll maybe ask our new member to investigate. Luckily he seems very clued up on computers!

Ronnie, yes I am aware of VLC player but the problem was I was taking a show to another club and was going to run it on their equipment. As I am sure you know, it is very unwise to assume anything about someone else's gear and what they may have installed. However I was confident it would run PTE exe files. As it turned out even that confidence was misplaced. One AV that had run on a Windows 10 laptop and my desktop refused to run on their Windows 10 system!



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Good suggestion Jill!  Another solution might be to save the show as an MP4 file and that should run on any computer and the quality (in version 10) is superb.

Ron West.

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It is a pity I did not read this topic before upgrading my PC yesterday to AV Studio Pro 10 yesterday.  The resultant 64 bit exe file will not run on my Win XP laptop that I use for showing my AVs to clubs and groups in the SE England.  I have tried the suggestion of using a converted AVI in a PTE 9 session.  The result was a file eight times in size and would not run smoothly on my laptop.  Maybe Wnsoft should make this clearer.  Back to using PTE 9!


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You don't need to go back to PTE9, just publish as an MP4 in PTE10.

Sometimes MP4 are bigger than the exe & sometimes a lot smaller.
It depends on the content.

Download the free VLC Player onto your XP laptop & the MP4 should run without problems.

If running your shows from a Menu then use 'Run Application or Open File' & as long as VLC is the default player for MP4 files it will open & play.


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