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Hinterland to the Ocean

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Beautiful as per your standard Barry!

At around the 2:40 time frame can you elaborate the technique used in this transition. There are similar ones through out.

I know you have always stressed the use of the third image.

I would love to view a tutorial on how you put this together and your choice of images from your vast collection.

Take care,


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Canon R5 Full Frame,

I'm using Lumix DMCFZ200.

Looks pretty good, until you put it next to something like your camera. It's in a different category.

Definitely asking for the upgrade.


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Very nicely photographed (even the accidental image) and then excellently carried through the production process. 

It's been a long while since I have done an AV and I see a lot of progress has been made with the software. (I started with PTE 1.0 and then stopped producing at PTE 8.0) Almost makes me want to get back into it!!!!!!

Thanks for the two productions

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Hands down  the right place at the right time is more important then the equipment.

However the  knowing what you are doing is what makes the difference.

Thanks again for sharing your skill.    I really enjoyed your pictures.


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Very impressive you are lucky to live in such a fantastic area, unfortunately here in WA we don't have the beautiful mountain scenery.

I quite agree with you about equipment, technique and care go a long way towards making good images!


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