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  1. Laszlo,

    Can you save a copy of this project and simplify it as possible? Remove slides and audio files while this problem still can be reproduced. Then use Create a backup in a ZIP command and send me this project. We'll check it.

    You can use WeTransfer.com to send me a download link in a personal message.

  2. Hi John,

    Can you easily reproduce this problem again?

    If yes, try the following option: in the main menu > Settings > Preferences > System tab. Tick the option "Alternate renderer...". Click the OK button and restart PTE. Does it help to solve that issue?

  3. 53 minutes ago, EricDavies said:

    All three types of show (.exe, .ptshow, and .mp4) run from the menu slide, but they don't return to it; instead they just exit.


    Run Application / Open document command can't perform returning to the original show (menu).

    You can reach this behaviour for .ptshow files with Project Options > Advanced tab > Run application or slideshow on exit. This option exists only in the Pro version.

    I need to check if we already added support for .ptshow file filter for this command.

    58 minutes ago, EricDavies said:

    Also, in the Beta 25 the slide images aren't visible in either slides or timeline view.

    I don't see such problem. We didn't change the internal 3D/objects engine since December.

    Do you observe this problem with all projects? Check the Sample Project (main menu > Help > Open Sample Project).

    Also attach a screenshot. 

    Try to restart Mac.

  4. 1 hour ago, Almark said:

    Hi Igor, this is what it looked like on my friends computer. It needed to have Spiffy McGee and Goatskin Brush fonts to make it appear as intended. See screenshot above.  These are not text captions, they are 'buttons'.  Problem sorted by sending the fonts.


    Do you send source .pte project with files, or .ptshow presentation for PTE AV Player?

    I just checked for buttons - their captions also save unique fonts in .ptshow presentations.

  5. 33 minutes ago, Almark said:

    Thank you, Igor. I sent my files to a friend who was able to run the menu and the shows. But the old problem of fonts made everything look weird, as my lovely fonts ;) were replaced with Ariel.  


    PTE should automatically convert text captions with unique fonts to vector curves and include to .ptshow (.exe). Then the show should display original font on any PC or Mac.

    I just created a test show with a unique font and then produced .ptshow and .exe - both files were copied to another Mac and another PC without this font. Text caption looked correctly (not Arial).

    Can you create a simple show (.ptshow) and send me? Use a blank slide (no images) and attach to your reply I'll check it on my Mac.

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