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tested with v6.0 beta 25 but exists also with older releases.

Something is not logical with "Customize Navigation Bar" window

If I make the choice of available/selected buttons and following the window description, after that I change the style of navigation bar, all my previous choices are reinitialized without notice. If you dont take care you can get something wrong.

I would suggest that changing the style of navigation bar should not affect the choices of available/selected buttons.

Best regards


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Thanks! I confirm the bug with of a back side of a button. Will be fixed soon.

Also we'll improve quality of text in a button. It's because "Anti shimmering (mipmapping)" option is not used for the button text.


Thank you, you're right. I'll fix it in this or next version.

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I've fixed both issues. Please download updated version:


To cure existing buttons you need:

- Turn on "Antishimmering (mipmapping)" option in "Advanced..." window of a button properties. It will improve quality of text in your slideshow.

- Re-check state of "Show back side" option in "3D properties" window. It will hide caption of a button together with background of the button.

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