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  1. Have a safe new year, all the best for you and your team. Daniel
  2. Igor, Yes I used only one instance of PTE AV Studio. I must say there was no modification on audio files and no audio files were deleted. When I open the different versions of our project without duplicating some part of them, there is no problem of missing files. The problem of missing files appears only after duplicating an existing part without other modification. I know that duplicating a part of a project is not so very usual. However that could point out a problem with the writing of the .pte files when creating a backup in zip. I will try to provide you with some more relevant information asap. As you know a project is built step by step and is not so easy to find at which step the problem actually occurs. Daniel
  3. Hi Igor We are sharing the work between different members so each time we reach a new step we create a backup file in zip and after decompressing it we go on working with the new .pte file which was created. In order to make a comparison between two different possibilities involving the same part (several slides with pictures, video clips and audio files) I first saved the current project with a new name using the « save as » command (the new .pte file is saved inside the same folder) Then I deleted the slides not used, saved the project again with the « save » command. Everything is ok at that point. Then I copied the remaining slides that I consider to be my first sequence and pasted them behind a separating blank slide. At this point I thought to get twice the same sequence, the first one identical to the second one separated by a blank slide. I tried to save again the project. But I got an error message saying me to search for missing files ! Please pay attention there are no other possibilities to browse he folders and search for the missing files and I only could click on OK ! (I ve alredy mentionned this problem in another previous post ). I was very surprised to see that the pasted sequence was different including some more missing audio files, very strange for me ! 1) reading the info file, the file addresses were wrong pointing towards file included inside a folder containing an older version of the project ; 2) those missing files were linked to slides on the timeline with wrong numbers (why ? I have no explanation) Although all the addresses of the files within the copied part were correct. After having close and reopen the project, the addresses of missing files were corrected by PTE but the problem of undesired and badly linked audio files remains. Daniel
  4. Hi Igor, After restarting my PC (Win 10) some days after, the problem disappear and that is OK now. However the problem remains on my PC (Win7) why ? My PC configuration? Avira Antivirus? ZoneAlarm fire wall? I only can open v10.5.6beta PTE project with the administrator rights but not yet with "open with" command? Now I know and that is no longer a problem for me but remains a bit strange as it does not exist with all other softwares already installed on my PC. Daniel
  5. Hi Igor, since I ve installed V10.5.6beta I cant start any more PTE AV Studio from an existing project ( .pte file) using "open with" command but I am obliged to launch PTE app with the administrator rights and then open my .pte file. Did I miss something? I ve made the test with two different PCs (win7 and win10) Daniel
  6. Thanks Igor, I confirm that is ok on my side with .ts video files (AVCHD). Super ! Daniel
  7. Thanks Igor, I understand your point. May I suggest that an advice could attract the user attention on that point when using the edit file command (audio or video clips) in order to avoid PTE freezing and losing some work (within the help or user guide?). Daniel
  8. Thanks Igor, I confirm that I used "save as" command. In fact in all cases the resources folder has been created with the right new name in accordance with the .pte file, but time to time the "transition" foder is empty, I cannot explain why. The project is now achieved not very long 12" but huge size ( pictures coming from different digital cameras, texts, soundtrack, video clips provided by different members of the team), so I think that does not make sense to send it to you as it is. It should be shorten before but I dont know if the problem will remain. Please let me know what could help you. Please have a look also on the other related problem I reported in my previous post concerning the search of those missing files could be easier to reproduce. Daniel
  9. Hi, time to time I use custom transition originally created by JPD. Working with PTE AV Studio 10.5.5 on my Win 7 Pc there was no problem at all. PTE creates a dedicated folder (called myproject.resources) encompassing the gif masks used for the transition. I saved my project named "myproject" in zip and went on working on it on my Win 10 Pc. Under Win 10, if I save "myproject" (.pte file) under a new name "myproject2", the new folder myproject2.resources is created with the right name but it happens that the gif masks are not copied and the transition does not work any longer. In such a case If I need to save "myproject2" again, I get an advice saying that files are missing and PTE invite me to search missing file but without giving the complete previous file location and without having the possibility to browse and find the right folder or file. So something does not work and has to be corrected . Obviously, the workaround consist of pasting the previous gif files at their right place which is very easy when knowing the trick ! Best regards Daniel
  10. Hi, The problem occurs when an audio file is already on the timeline. If I need to modify the audio file I search it inside the file list then by a right click I can easily open it within Audacity and make the modification. But if I save the modified audio file under the same file name, PTE AV Studio freezes and I have to close and reopen it ( it must be noticed that when reopening PTE, I get a blank "recovered project" without nothing, I have to reopen the .pte project file, loosing some work, on the project ). In order to avoid this inconvenience I have to save the modified audio file under a new name, then a right clic on the audio file on the timeline to open "customize audio clip" and to use the command "replace "audio file". Ok, why not ? but that could be misleading as the way of modifying audio file is very different from other "objects" on the timeline. I think, in such a case, it would be much better if the audio file on the timeline was directly replaced by the modified one. In any case the freeze of PTE AV Studio should be avoided. Best regards Daniel
  11. Hi I've noticed that PTE AV Studio (10.5.5) does not recognize video clips with .ts extension ? In my case, for AVCHD (H264 part10) video clips that seems to be just a problem of container name . A workaround solution consists of renaming the .ts video file either by .MTS or .mpeg or .mp4 but it would be much better if PTE AV Studio could recognized the .ts extension without manipulating the extension name (in compliance with the french version of the user guide). Daniel
  12. Igor, thanks for your prompt answer. Concerning EXE show we have no problem I agree with what you wrote. Concerning .pte file , there was a time it was possible to keep record of text objects by rasterizing them or by using png file automatically included by saving PTE projects inside a zip folder, so if I understand you well there are no such ways to do it with PTE AV Studio. That is a step back a bit worrying because as we share the work of the different parts of our projects between several PTE users we never can be sure that the text objects will remain the same untill the final creation. It is quite impossible to know what are the fonts available on different PCs depending on users font choices and them working habits. For the project we are working on at present time, we found a font very similar so that will be a workaround for us. I think this problem could be a concern for PTE users who want to rework old projects including text objects by using PTE AV Studio. (Even Windows fonts could be different depending on OS version) Daniel
  13. Hi, I saved in a zip folder a new project prepared with PTE AV 10.5.5 working on a Win7 PC. Some slides of this project content text objects using Adobe Devanagari font. This project was transfered into another Win10 PC. I was very surprised to see that the font was different using very different parameters, etc..Did I make a mistake somewhere ? Did I miss a step but I ve checked the text object properties without finding any function concerning the font as it was previosly the case with some older PTE version ? What's going wrong? Daniel
  14. Thanks Igor, very bad news for OVH and hosted internet site owners whose data could be lost. Once again that points out the weakness of internet servers security. I hope this will not impact too much your activity and all forum members will understand this unpredictable situation. Good luck Daniel
  15. Hi Geoff L depending how you create your projects after that, if you intend to make an HD video, as an example, you can create a video for each of your projects an then use PTE and join the two video by making a new project with two slides each slide corresponding to one previous video then createa new HD video which will include the previous both. Just take care of the quality because there will be two encoding in cascade which is not normally recommended for the best quality but if you choose a high quality for the two separate video and a medium quality for the final one I can guess that nobody will be able to see a difference. Daniel
  16. Hi Igor, Following the results of the tests I published on th 27th (see the link), using quality mode Q80 and hardware acceleration, the bitrate variation is very high : mean data rate =25,1Mb/s min = 24,8 / max =120 ( following information given by Mediainfo software). That is in line with what you said in your post, but without hardware acceleration it seems, always following Mediainfo information that the bitrate is roughly constant at 19,9 Mb/s and the encoding time is 3 times longer. Is that normal? Daniel )
  17. Thanks Igor for your answer. I do not know if that can help but the results of some encoding tests are as it follows : All tests achieved with the same project duration of 3'57s (30 photos between 9Mpx and 16Mpx each of them) few vertical pans, and zoom effects with 3s solved transitions. (Informations given by Mediainfo app.) a= With hardware acceleration (HWA) and b = without 1 = Encoding with Quality mode (Q80) 1a) 4K / HWA / 60fps / Q80 result : encoding time = 9'52s - file size =708MiB - mean data rate =25,1Mb/s min = 24,8 / max =120 1b) 4K / 60fps /Q80 result : encoding time = 30'48s - file size =563MiB - constant data rate = 19,9 Mb/s 2 = Encoding with Bitrate mode (20Mb/s) 2a) 4K / HWA /60fps / 20Mb/s result : encoding time = 10'12 file size =544 MiB - mean data rate =19,2Mb/s min =18,9 / max =60 2b) 4K / 60fps / 20Mb/s result : encoding time = 32'34s file size =548MiB - mean data rate = 19,3 Mb/s min = 19Mb/s typ= 20Mb/s Impossible to compare the results in term of quality without having a specific video reference Best regards Daniel
  18. Hi Igor, Just for information, I ve made several tests for encoding video HD and 4K. The first one, I ve noticed a message on the encoding screen of PTE AV 10.0.6 beta saying that Hardware acceleration was not available with my Geforce GTX 1060. So I ve updated the driver as it was suggested but the result was the same. In fact the driver installed was specified for gaming purpose ( updated => Geforce Game Ready Driver 441.87 ). HW acceleration not available is very surprising? I've downloaded the Nvidia Studio Driver 441.66 instead and now there is no problem. Is there a technical explanation ? Nvidia Studio Driver is certainly a better choice for my purposes, I dont take care of gaming. Last year I made several encoding tests with PTE 10 beta and PTE AV 10, I never noticed such a message concerning HW acceleration. In any case the results of encoding (4K /60fps / quality 80) are very good on my PC laptop but unfortunately I have not 4K TV set and unable to check it in real condition. Best regards Daniel
  19. Best wishes to all of you ! Happy 2020 new year. Congratulations for your work, long life to PTE AV Daniel
  20. Hi Peter If your need is just to print the names of files inside a PTE project folder you can try this useful freeware you will find on internet : Cathy Daniel
  21. It depends on the kind of AV show we are speaking about. If there is no interest for the spectator, even if the sound track is good 2mn is too long ! You're right, that is the reason why I said, that I did not try to make an exe file but PTE works perfectly creating an HD video. So to answer your question 9,14Go corresonds to the total size of the project folder including all components (photos, pictures, audio and video clips) I used within this project. For those who want to make some kind of lecture like "Connaissance du monde" mixing different digital components, PTE is a very good choice. But I agree, in this case PTE is no longer the right choice for the product name, PTE/HD should be better. See the dedicated thread on this subject. Daniel
  22. Just for information, For the 18th birthday of my grand son, I ve made (only for a family purpose !) a report of all the souvenirs that all family members had gathered about him. I did not try to make an exe file but I created an HD video of one hour duration. Everybody expected it was even a bit longer... I built it up thanks to PTE 9.0.18 : 66 video-clips (most of them where AVCHD shots converted to avi by PTE video converter + mkv + mpeg + mp4 ; total = 7,45 Go) 52 mp3 music files total 294 Mo (often I used only extracts of few seconds in order to illustrate the events ) 581 photos jpg and some png (1,4Go) Total = 699 files for an amount of 9,14Go Daniel
  23. Hi Gary, I've experienced the same problem you described some weeks ago. My understanding is that we have two consider two different things : the slide duration and the object duration. The first time we put a video clip on the timeline the both durations have the same value but after if we modify the duration of the video clip object then the slide duration remains the same untill we decide to change it. I am not certain there is a good other solution ! There are pros and cons. We have just to know that... Best regards Picsel
  24. Hi lacogada, to complete the possibilities with PTE, you can also double clic on a slide in the slide list and it will be placed automatically at the last position on the Time Line. Daniel
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