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The End Of All Our Exploring

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The title comes from the second piece of music in the sequence, by Max Richter, which was my initial inspiration. The saddest, but most beautiful piano music. Playing and testing a well-loved and successful AV in PTE AV Studio for Mac Beta 1. 

I wanted to tell a story, one that almost everyone knows, but without spoken words or actors.  I hoped that viewers would discover a unique and personal experience, based on their understanding of the holocaust.  It is rather long, for a sequence without narration. But, the iPhone 6S+ images and the music holds it together.

Previous versions of this sequence won the 2019 International Latow Award for Artistic Merit,  2019 RPS National AV Championship and the 2020 International Photo Harmony Competition.


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Very well put together and paced with the music which I found really appropriate. I did not find the sequence to be long in fact it seemed to be over rather sooner than I expected.

I have to agree that having a narration would detract from the message of the images and possibly colour the viewers impression and understanding.

I am not at all surprised that previous versions have done well. I have seen other sequences on this subject and yours is by far the best.



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Very nicely done Mark!  I really liked your black and white conversions and the way you faded the historical photos in and out. Either you were fortunate to visit when there were few tourists, or you spent a great deal of time healing and cloning to remove them.   I visited back in 2015 and while there's just nothing that conveys the horror, sadness and misery quite like being there, your show certainly sets the mood.  I can see why it won so many awards.


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