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3D New Year scroll Style

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Hello Paul!
Also from me quite heartfelt thanks!
Again, a year comes to an end, ok it's a bit chaotic this year 2020.
But the more I'm happy to be here in the forum and such genaile with lifeblood provided great people who devote themselves here completely to your hobby and to let us take part in it. I can only say: Keep up the good work and you learn at least a little bit more often (even if there are here and there this language series, you always find a solution more often).
Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2021.
Thank you


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I just wish to add my sincere thankyou's.

With any semblance of a family christmas get-together curtailed here in the South East of the UK, seven past Christmas memories converted to paintings, a 'Merry Christmas' font, and the song 'I'll Have a Blue Christmas Without You', with your Style, and I have the perfect short video clip to send to the family via 'Whats-App' on Xmas Day.

Thankyou again for the Style and Inspiration.

Best Wishes. Season Greetings and an Inspirational New Year. Stay Safe.


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