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  1. It involves more software, but I always use Nero Video for making my DVDs. It has some creative templates that allow for impressive displays of the videos included much like one finds on commercial DVDs. I export the slide shows as mp4s and then use Nero Video to organize and burn the actual DVD. It is part of the Nero Platinum package. https://www.nero.com/
  2. This is quite interesting. Thanks for sharing the style with us.
  3. I'm confused. What does this have to do with PTE?
  4. Very interesting effect! Good work.
  5. I am definitely impressed!
  6. VERY IMPRESSIVE!! I really like this. My only slight request would be to try to make the pen angle a bit more natural so that it doesn't appear to be lying flat but to be at more of an angle along the z axis. Minor quibble about a magnificent effect.
  7. This update is magnificent! Thanks for making it available.
  8. Has this in any way been modified from the original version? I notice that you list PTE AV Studio as the required version? I have (and LOVE) the original version and wonder if I should update or not.
  9. You'll need to contact The Dom to see if he can make it available again. His old site kept being hacked so he started a new one and it has mostly new templates and styles. I'm sure a number of us would like him to offer some of the old ones we missed. Maybe you can encourage him to start with the script one. I have it and it's extremely nice.
  10. Very nice! Thanks for sharing it with us.
  11. Was this done in PTE? The overlay says ProShow.
  12. VERY nice! The sense of 3D depth is especially impressive. Thank you for posting.
  13. Great show and style. Thanks for posting.
  14. On one occasion I was forced to install yandex due to the large file size I was trying to download. I have had no problem as a result. Typically the download button works fine. The layout of the page does make it appear that one must install Yandex first, though. We do appreciate the styles you are offering. Very creative and interesting.
  15. Brilliant transition! Thanks for sharing.
  16. Here's a project made in PTE AV Studio Pro demonstrating an introduction and conclusion to a slide show that I've been working on. I've got to find out if the terms of use allow me to post the beginning and ending as styles because of the video elements included. Hope I can post them soon for others to try.
  17. Tonton, Bruno, I really like your gallery. The ability to go through doors makes it especially impressive. I'll have to study the tutorials to see how you did it. Hope the subtitle translations from French to English are better than those YouTube does from Russian.
  18. I really like the first video. Lots of potential use there, especially as an intro to a book style. I'm a big fan of the 3D wall. Used it for a reprise slide show of my son's wedding a few years ago.
  19. You've caught what has frightened me from attempting this -- the circular path. Can't conceive how to begin. Well, I do think it would probably need an introductory style, two middle styles (moving left and right) and a closing style. I keep wondering if the wall and floor could be a single image showing a curved wall and the floor that could be rotated and panned in some way. I'm glad you like the idea. Judging from your past work, you'll probably come up with something even better. I'm looking forward for the new project you just previewed to be available.
  20. Long before I discovered PTE, I produced this slide show with another bit of software that seems to no longer be around. I'd like to do something similar in PTE AV Studio, but it is way above my skill level. I'm wondering if someone is able to work out something that approximates this. It might be a good seller for those who market styles and templates. I'd sure try to purchase a copy.
  21. Very impressive! Look forward to finding it in your store. I can see this being very appealing to those who shoot senior portraits for graduation. Once it's published, I'll try to get a link to it on some of the sites I know catering to that genre.
  22. For interesting and realistic slots in the page to hold the images, check out the PS actions at PanosFX.com. Panos has a set of actions that give a variety of slots. A few examples:
  23. To say that I'm impressed would be an understatement! Can we hope to see a tutorial for this on your YouTube Chanel or a style?
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