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A Demonstration of the Flips and Swaps Category of Custom Transitions a comparison of the qualities available from Embedded YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook Video Clips.

There is no story, the images were chosen at random and no attempt was made to synchronise the Images and Music. Any synchronised Transitions are purely accidental. :)




An error message tells me that there is no video at that address even though the Video was playing  when I captured the url.

Until I can resolve this please take my word that the quality of the Facebook video in no way matches the quality of either the YouTube or the Vimeo Videos.


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I viewed this on my iPad Pro and the quality of the two videos was pretty good. I like the flips where you appear to have included a modifier. They have a little depth to them that makes them stand out from the others. 

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If you look at the CTs you will find that I have offered 3 or 4 different depths in the Swap CTs. The Splitter is standard in all CTs. There are no modifiers in the Flips.

based on this trial I think it is fair to say that embedding YouTube video gives the best result with Vimeo a whisker behind.

Facebook quality just does not stand up to scrutiny. They must apply their own compression to any uploaded video which does nothing for the quality. The embedding is also unreliable.


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