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  1. Same rules apply in Belgium. Work from home and keep it safe.
  2. Thank you so much Lin and Mary for the details. Before I posted my question, I did create a new style that combined sepia with cover. Thanks to you both I now see that there are more straightforward ways to achieve that. As with many editors, it looks like also with PTE AV Studio Pro, there are several roads that lead to Rome. Sepia and fill screen is a combination I use now and then, I only mentioned it as an example. Your sugestions led me to a better understanding of how AV Studio is designed and how flexible the program is. Thanks again, it's much appreciated.
  3. I am slowly getting the grips of PTE AV Studio. Quite some editing software allows applying several effects on the same picture. Not so PTEAV Studio? I want to have a 4:3 pic cover the 16:9 screen and change color to sepia. It looks to me that one cannot achieve that by first applying the color style and then the image style. The first always replaces the next one. This is how I worked around to get the wanted result: 1. Apply the sepia style 2. Go to O and A and apply a zoom to get the 16:9 3.Click Close go back to project timeline 4 Click Styles and Themes 5. Click Tools and select Create Style. Is this the intended workflow? Looks quite a cumbersome affair to me.
  4. I am really impressed by what you guys can do with the software. With 73 on my counter, I am sure I'll never reach your skill levels. BTW, I just bought the pro version.
  5. That's a great style Lin. I had a look at the details and find it very impressive what you did. I wasn't aware that PTE AV Studio was such a versatile and powerfull aplication.
  6. Thanks Lin for the information and for the excellent Starwars style. Even using the trial allows saving a style I learned. Thanks Tom for the suggestion. I played a bit with the Z pan and that's much easier to get the wanted result.
  7. I might take the plunge soon but today I am still evaluating using the trial. Tought let me try a Star wars title effect on a text object. I used several keyframed animation parameters. Enclosed is the result of my experiment. Looks quite good but I am not completely happy with it. For example, it looks like the scroll speed is running up to the end. Question 1: Can I save the combination of used parameters with their set values as a preset style for future use? I did not start the building from the Slides and Styles Tools button but rather while I was working with a blank slide on the TL. Question 2: Has the Star Wars effect been discussed here on the forum? Is a similar and most likely better one than my trial available anywhere? Star_wars.wmv
  8. It's not ideal but there is kind of a workaround for that. At the place you want the music to drop down, make a cut, grab the second part and move it to the right, to the location you want the music to go up again. Now apply a fade out to the first part and a fade in to the second part of the music. The result might not be acceptable in some cases as in between there is 100% silence .
  9. I have an external HDD and I save all my exported slideshows/movies on it in an organized way. I connect that HDD to my TV and use TV 's Media Player to browse the HDD.
  10. Thanks Jill, That confirms what I was thinking. One can launch a show (or any app) from a menu/button but you can't add a menu and/or chapters to a mp4 video file the way we know from DVD or BD disks. It was my understanding that r2dee2 was looking for a way to have a disk like menu and chapters in a mp4 file and that's not possible AFAIK.
  11. Jill, I am a bit confused now. r2dee2 wants to make a mp4 file, I suppose to play on a TV set. Does the procedure you describe makes it possible for the program to make mp4 files with a menu?
  12. Ok here are the results of several tests I did with different settngs in order to find a good compromise between quality/file size/encoding speed that results in a file that my (4+years old) 55" UHD TV likes. Project used is the sample project. 1. Using PTE AV Studio 10 Pro trial: 1.1 Settings as per Igor 's advice above (H264 - 3840x2160 - Quality mode 100%) with 60fps framerate: File doesn't play on TV. This is in accordance with the advertised TV specs. 1.2 Same settings as above but with 30fps: File plays fine on TV. TV specs say max supported framerate for H264 - 3840x2160 is 30. So that's ok for me. File size is 153 MB. 2. Using Handbrake for transcoding the AV 10 exported file from 1.1 above : 2.1 Settings as per jt49 's advice (H.265 - 3840x2160) at 60fps: File plays fine on TV. TV specs say max supported framerate for H265 - 3840x2160 is 60. So that's ok for me as well. File size is 1.90 GB. Encoding time way over 30 mins. 3. Using Handbrake to transcode a AV 10 exported file to H.265 - HD 1920x1080 at 30 fps. OK for TV. File size 29.3 MB. Quality: On My TV I do not see any relevant difference in quality between above mentioned files. My conclusion: I will stick with option 1.2 above and keep 3. above in mind as alternative. Many thanks to everyone who guided me through this process. It's much appreciated. I feel like I am ready to buy a license now.
  13. Hi wideangle I see the vertical line. I hoover mouse over that line, grab the line and drag to the right and I can (again) extent the duration of that second file a bit. If I then rightclick the partially extended file I can delete it using the context menu. My conclusion is taht there is not much, if anything, wrong with the behaviour.
  14. Sorry JT49 I started with the wrong Preset. Needs to be Production Max as shown in your added screenshot. Thanks for that. It's transcoding while I write this but it's veeery slow, will take more than 35 mins for the 2.30 mins sample project.
  15. Not yet, will try that and report back asap.
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