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"Hand Writing" template

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8 hours ago, thedom said:

Hi, I will try to find this project (and remember how to use it) when I have access to my pc next week-end.

Hi Dom,

Even if it is not a style, I would like to try to do something with this template.



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I am still amazed by the creativity and amount of work that went into this.

 It was accomplished many years ago before the latest versions of PTE were available.

Looking forward to more of your skills and creativity Dom.


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1 hour ago, Tauratinzwe said:

Has this in any way been modified from the original version?  I notice that you list PTE AV Studio as the required version?  I have (and LOVE) the original version and wonder if I should update or not.

I modified only very little things, no need to update.

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15 hours ago, thedom said:

The project is finally available here, sorry for the delay.

Hi Dom,
thank you for sharing the template, now you can see the content. Hats off, great job. I especially liked the concept itself (prepared slides for each symbol). The work was time consuming, but worth it. I just have to adapt this template to the Cyrillic font for my users on the forum (with your permission, of course).



In the old days I had to work with a similar technique in ProShow Producer (using masks to develop images). But in PSP, in my opinion, it was more difficult to do, due to the lack of the principle of "nested masks" and many other nuances associated with the synchronization of movements. One of the works can be seen in the video below.

P.S. The second video shows the "negative" images, which allows you to look at the whole process from the inside.



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Hi TheDom

I've just been trying this - very impressive!

However, I seem to be seeing a couple of little hiccups.

First, should there be another font to install (for the ink droplets)? 

Secondly, I tried to create a simple headline which seemed to be OK.
When I previewed it, the writing began to appear, but parts of the letters had small gaps in them to start with.

I'm not sure what's happening there at the moment - using PT AV Studio Pro 10.0.14.



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