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Hello everyone, the academic year has begun in Russia and on this occasion a presentation of this event has been prepared at our forum based on my lessons. Then a style was created, including for Western users, which will allow you to quickly create a presentation on your children's iconic event. The pop-up book contains 33 photographs, 11 of which are landscape and 22 portrait (portrait is cropped in the program to 3:4 format, for landscape photos the aspect ratio does not really matter). In order for the photos to fit the style correctly, it is advisable to name them in such a way that they go in a certain sequence (portrait-landscape-portrait-portrait-landscape-portrait, etc.). You can also place 22 portrait photos and 11 landscape photos interspersed on the timeline, and then move the slides to the timeline in the order indicated above. But this is inconvenient, in my opinion, it is better to pre-sort by file name. The archive contains a style and two sound files, the sound of erasing from the board and the sound of chalk on the board. You need to adjust them to the timeline yourself, after applying the style. Good luck to everyone and successful application of the style.




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Great work, perfectly done. 
I like the environment you created (desk, blackborad, plant...)

It's funny because I have been reworking for a few days on my old "magic book" project which is in the same spirit as your 3D popup book.


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Thanks for a great job, Paul! I would also like to thank you for the many detailed tutorials. Thanks to your tutorials, I was finally able to properly structure the pages in my children's album, which I made in early summer, but it is still being finalized ...


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stranger2156 this is a very nice work and thank for sharing.

Have been following your work, unfortunately I don't speak Russian. There is a lot of work and genality behind it! Wow

Gruß aus Stadtbergen....

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