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Would someone please advise how panning duration is correctly set. I am trying to get 3 slides to pan in sequence  at the same times and speed, I find that if I set the duration of the pan in Styles & Themes the time on the slide line changes and if I set it on the slide line it changes in Styles and Themes. It always seems to reduce the pan times from the value I set.

Thank you

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Canico: I am relatively new to this game, but I think that a Slide Style or Theme will override any timings you have set. Why not just make a note of the keyframe positions and parameters and apply them to the other slides?

Davegee: I don't understand "…in an a BIZ."

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10 hours ago, stranger2156 said:

... tell us more about what problems we are talking about?

Problems with "KFSD": This "feature" has side effects. Changes of transition times while using the slide view, and rearrangements of slides may cause changes of transition points and of the overall length of a show. If you work with slides that are synchronized to the audio part, the use of KFSD is rather dangerous.

Example:   KFSD-Test.pte

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Good tutorial Barry & explains why you 'may' want to use KFSD for video with a following still image.

But I still prefer to keep it switched off.

It is so easy to simply move the following slide in the Timeline to give the exact effect you want, as every 2 slide combination will be different.
Depending on content you may want the video to transition into the next slide, or you may want it to end at the start or part way through the transition.

When working with still images KFSD causes so many problems if you move slides to a different position.

So I find it much better to just keep it permanently off.


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