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Printing press Style

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Thank you Paul for this wonderful style. With it, so much can be implemented.
Again a new experience what the program can do, if someone understands this so and lives.

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The second version of the style, modified to use animated gifs in it. The style uses 16 pictures (GIF animation and their duplicates in PNG format). And one picture of a seamless background (you can also without a background picture). First, 8 GIF files are added, then 8 PNG duplicates. The archive added pictures for testing. After applying the style, the gif of the image must be activated, check the O&A tab.

Download - updated 03.03.2021



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Hello everyone,

links for styles Printing press (updated) and Printing press (for GIF animation) have been updated due to one bug fix. In addition, for the style with GIF animation, a duplicate of the images is added in the upper container. The bottom picture, from each pair, is a GIF animation and needs to be activated (put a tick in the checkbox).


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Hello and greetings, I am new to PTE  for Mac and delighted there is now a Mac version. I have a question about this PTE printing press style. I tried it in PTE and I would like to use a separate full solid background like displayed here but when playing it always uses one of the photos (of the 9) in the group as displays as a segmented background. Thank you 

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On 3/12/2021 at 5:58 PM, John Connelly said:

now I have to find out about rar

Hi, I added a zip archive.


5 hours ago, Bruss444 said:

I would like to use a separate full solid background


the background image in the style is given for a square seamless texture. If you want to add your own background image, then apply the style to 8 photos.
Then turn off the visibility (or remove) the contents of the bottom container. Add your own background image to this place.





Printing press 2 content.zip

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