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[FREE] "3D Zoom" style


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Creates a zoom in with more depth and "realism".

The effect will depend on the image.
Better effect with symetric pictures.
There are two styles in the pack : "zoom in"& "zoom out"

This free style is available here on my website

Please leave feedback in this topic, I would really appreciate. Thanks.


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I downloaded your Style. However, it looks like the filename extension is not correct. You have, for example, the filename as 'thedom-3D Zoom In-Style.pte. The extension should be '.ptestyle'?

Also, after I changed the filename extension and imported it, I could not find it in the Styles. I tried several times and looked at each folder, but could not find it.

Am I incorrect?

Thanks... Gary

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I see that there is a difference between your 3D-Zoom and a normal zoom. But I'd like to  see a side by side comparison between the two. My eyes/brain is not sure what I am seeing that is different from a regular zoom!!! I know there is a difference but can you make a comparison video??? :blink:



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12 hours ago, Tonton Bruno said:

I accepted to give you my address.


It's a very great style.


Thank you very much.

Hi Bruno, sorry for the email address but as I use a service, I don't have the control on this feature (free product against email address).
Please feel free to use a "garbage" email.

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Thank you for your generosity.

But here excuse my ignorance. How do you add your pack. If I go to "Manage Transitions" and select .zip file, then nothing is added. If I extract zip file I get files with extensions ..ptestyle

 but accepted extensions there are .ptef or .pteeff

Please if someone could comment

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