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Happy New Year

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We wish you Happy New Year! Thanks for your support during many years.

With best wishes,


1. Sergey (programmer)
2. Artem (programmer)
3. Ksenia (support team) 
4. Igor (co-founder, programmer, designer)
5. Alena (support team)
6. Paul (executive director and programmer)
7. Aleksey (co-founder, programmer, designer)



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All members of the WnSoft team a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
Health and happiness, recognition of friends, a bigger salary and a lot of ideas!
And personally to Igor - well-being, success and good luck in creativity and in life, creativity and beautiful solutions to the tasks, and of course - happiness and health to him and his family and friends !!!

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Very happy New Year wishes for the Wnsoft team!!!  We love your dedication and persistence in bringing this amazing product to the world. You have created something special which is revered by users worldwide. Congratulations !!!!!

Best regards,


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It’s 6am here in Australia, the sun is shining, the sky is blue, so I guess has 2020 arrived OK. As I write many of you will be asleep, (or still partying?) nah, probably asleep.

The question is, what will 2020 bring us all? Who knows, but I wish you all a healthy and safe year ahead.

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Good to see that so many have responded to this email. For my two pence worth, I can only agree with all comments made so far. PTE has been my real hobby for many years now and will continue to be for many more years to come. My wish for 2020, is for the MAC version to be made available quite soon.

A very safe and healthy new year to you all.

Ronnie West (UK)

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To the entire WnSoft team, best wishes for the New Year from the ProShow enthusiast forum team. We hope for fruitful cooperation in the new year on a mutually beneficial basis. We wish you continued stable development of the PTE AV Studio Pro program. To all of us for joy and benefit!

A small gift box for all of you!

Best regards




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Nice to see the team faces.

Is Sergey the same programmer who wrote PixBuilder Studio about 10 years ago? Great lightweight graphics editor.


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Many thanks for your comments and wishes!

All members of our team which you can see on this photo are working at WnSoft more than 10 years.

Special thanks for your video!

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